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"The SGA1 is a great amp that can drive pretty much anything on the market. It offers a smooth and articulate sound signature and a fatigue-free listening experience. It has a marvelous design and it looks elegant. The amp features a precise electronic volume system and it is quite impressive. The volume and gain adjustment are dead-accurate and the pop-less design ensures smooth operation."— Yagiz (Headfonia 原文链接)

SGA1 是一款出色的放大器,几乎可以驱动市场上的任何东西。 它提供流畅清晰的声音特征和无疲劳的聆听体验。它设计精美,外观优雅。 该放大器具有精确的电子音量控制系统,令人印象深刻。 音量和增益调整非常准确,无pop声设计确保声音流畅。

"I really like the design language of the SONCOZ. The AMP has this simplistic yet elegant outlook. There are various vents on the sides and the bottom of the device that helps the heat dissipation process and aids the cooling of the amplifier. The small but remarkable accents in the design of the device prove the company’s attention to detail."

我真的很喜欢 SONCOZ 的设计语言。 它具有简单而优雅的外观。 设备的侧面和底部有各种通风孔,有助于散热过程,帮助放大器冷却。 设备中细微但引人注目的设计,证明了该公司对细节的关注

"The SGA1 features a complex audio circuit with many high-quality components. Soncoz has spared no expense to achieve maximum performance.

As someone who has been in this hobby for more than 10 years, I have seen many rich and complex circuits that can be considered unsuccessful, but SGA1 is not one of them. After a few hours of listening, you realize that Soncoz has carefully selected these components and done enough R&D. "

SGA1具有复杂的音频电路和许多高质量组件。SONCOZ不遗余力地实现最佳性能。作为从事这个爱好10多年的人,我见过很多被认为是不成功的丰富复杂的电路,但SGA1不是其中之一。 听了几个小时后,你会意识到SONCOZ精心挑选了这些组件并进行了充分的研发。

"Another interesting element about the device is that it comes with digital volume control. The MUSES 72320 is precise and accurate from 0dB to -110dB. The integrated chip provides perfect channel balance. The knob has a dynamic control mode. If you turn it rapidly, it automatically enters the rapid volume adjustment mode and skips steps much faster than before. If you turn it slowly, it enters the fine adjustment mode."

该设备的另一个有趣元素是它带有数字音量控制。MUSES 72320 在 0dB到-110dB 范围内精准调整。 集成芯片提供完美的通道平衡。旋钮具有动态控制模式。 如果你快速转动它,它会自动进入快速音量调节模式,调整步幅比之前大得多。 如果你慢慢转动它,它就会进入微调模式。

"There is another bonus of electronic volume control, its ability to memorize the values after a boot. The volume and gain value of each combination of inputs and outputs will be memorized independently and won’t be lost when the power goes down, how awesome is that?"

电子音量控制还有另一个好处,它能够在设置后记住数值。 每个输入输出组合的音量和增益值都会独立记忆,断电时不会丢失,这有多棒?

"The SGA1 also features a pop-less design and works dead-silent. I know many of you don’t like pop and click noise so it is nice to say that Soncoz added   a relay delay to eliminate pops and clicks."

SGA1 还采用无pop声设计,工作时很安静。 我知道很多人不喜欢爆音和咔嗒声,所以很高兴Soncoz 添加了一个继电器延迟以消除爆音和咔嗒声。

"For my night owl audiophile friends, Soncoz did not forget about you and included a stand-by option. The screen will dim after 45 seconds and   will not blind you in the middle of the night. On another note, the orange color and the OLED screen are easy on the eyes so you don’t have to worry much about that."

对于我的夜猫子发烧友朋友,Soncoz 并没有忘记你,它提供了一个备用选项。 屏幕将在 45 秒后变暗,并且不会在半夜刺眼。 另一方面,橙色和OLED 屏幕对眼睛来说很舒服,所以不必太担心。

"The SGA1 sounds musical, sweet, and clean. The tonal balance is really good, it reproduces the notes naturally and organically while staying away from the digital and dry domain."

SGA1 听起来悦耳动听,甜美而干净。 音调平衡非常好,它自然有机地再现音符,同时远离数字和干的特点。

"The SGA1 has a fluid, lush and dynamic low range. The transition between the low range and midrange is gentle. Thanks to the coherent nature of the SGA1, you don’t feel it at all. "

SGA1 具有流畅、丰富和动态的低频范围。 低频和中频之间的过渡是温和的。 由于 SGA1 的连贯性,你根本感觉不到它。

"The upper mid reproduction is smooth as well, with no harshness or sharpness of any kind. Both the male and female vocals sound great with good authority and naturality."

中高音再现也很流畅,没有任何刺耳或尖锐的感觉。 男声和女声都很好听,具有良好的权威性和自然性。

"Treble follows the same route as with other frequencies. It is perfectly controlled. It feels airy and spacious while carrying good detail. "

高音遵循与其他频率相同的路线。 它被完美控制。 它感觉通风和宽敞,同时携带良好的细节。

"The most striking aspect of the soundstage, in my opinion, is its integrity. Cohesiveness across the frequency ranges help the SGA1’s effortless presentation. I think the best side of the SGA1 is that it is a musical and smooth-sounding amp. You can listen to it for extended periods of time without fatigue."

在我看来,声场最引人注目的方面是它的完整性。 整个频率范围内的凝聚力有助于 SGA1 的轻松呈现。 我认为 SGA1 最好的一面是它是一个悦耳的、声音流畅的放大器。 你可以长时间聆听它而不会感到疲劳。

"The SGA1 has a lot of high-quality components under its hood and I think Soncoz has made a good introduction to the amplifier world. I am very excited   about what will be coming next from them. "